Pacific Coast Railway Society

Old Casino's 100th birthday.

A major event was held to celebrate our club's birthday, the track opening and the Casino Railway Centenary in October 2003, with trains of all sizes. We look forward to hosting visits of historic "real trains" like this in the future, like the return visit of 3801 planned for the October (1st to 3rd) weekend in 2005 as part of the Sesqui Centenary of NSW Railways. The museum will open every weekend and miniature train rides to the Old Casino station museum operate 10am to 4pm from North Casino station located on the Summerland Way adjacent to Casino Golf Course.

Old Casino Railway Station

Z14 Class engine arrives at Old Casino station.
Z14 Class engine arrives at Old Casino station

When everything was new. A train arrives from Lismore hauled by a Z14 class engine. A horse drawn sulky is waiting to take passengers to the wild countryside, perhaps to the Goldfields of the Timbarra. or a pioneer town like Mallanganee or Tabulam. Like a window on yesterday, long gone post and rail fencing is visible at the station rear, along with a building on land now occupied by an artificial lake on the golf course. Among the station staff posing for the camera in their new uniforms is Casino's first stationmaster, Mr Herman Morgan.

Waiting for a train at Casino

Waiting for a train at Casino, circa 1905.
Waiting for a train at Casino, circa 1905

This postcard photo was taken circa 1905. The railway was certainly busy! Some idea of the reliance placed on trains can be gauged from this photo. Clearly visible in this view is the "GENTS" amenities. Posted at Casino on January 2nd, 1908, the card was sent to Mrs Elvy Morgan, the wife of Herman Morgan, who had been transferred to his new posting at Mullumbimby.

Workmen completing the new refreshment room at Old Casino station.
Workmen completing the new refreshment room at Old Casino station

Just a few years later, workmen are completing the new refreshment room. A mixed train is arriving from the coast. At the right, a team of horses patiently waits beside goods trucks for their next load. Above them the roof of the Norco butter factory can be seen. A policeman stands at the front of the platform in a white pith helmet, perhaps to arrest some unsuspecting villain. The locomotive water tank is clearly visible. Today, the only remains of this tank are the brick piers.

Old Casino Railway Station Centenary

3801 passing Casino
3801 passing the Casino locomotive coaling plant (the last remaining coaling facility in Australia) during the Old Casino Centenary celebrations in 2003.

In addition to the operation of the miniature railway and the Old Casino Museum, the Pacific Coast Railway Society actively promotes the visits to the area of historic trains. The society would like to gratefully acknowledge the invaluable support of 3801 limited in supporting the centenary celebrations and we look forward to their ongoing support in future events. Visits to the Northern Rivers by historic trains are of great significance to the population of the area and the residents and children of towns like Lismore, Kyogle and Byron Bay whose only other chance to experience the magic of a steam train and better still ride on one is by travelling to distant places.


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